giovedì 1 dicembre 2011

Recensione Libro "THE GOSPEL OF HIP HOP" di KRS ONE

Questo libro parla della cultura HipHop ma soprattutto parla della filosofia HipHop che rappresenta i principi del Temple Of Hip Hop e della Dichiarazione Di Pace dell' Hip Hop. 
Tutto questo viene raccontato e spiegato in prima persona da Krs One, uno dei più noti Mc's americani nonchè uno dei più famosi fra gli attivisti e studiosi di questa cultura, con oltre 30 anni di appartenenza al movimento.
Uno dei pochi libri che parla e soprattutto spiega i concetti e le filosofie che stanno alla base non solo delle discipline dell'HipHop, ma anche alla base di una crescita spirituale e mentale che rappresenta questa cultura. Un lato che di solito viene sempre tralasciato dagli altri autori, i quali per la maggior parte sono esterni alla cultura, mentre su questo libro la prospettiva arriva da uno persona interna alla stessa e soprattutto che la ama. 
Una perla che sicuramente ogni vero Hiphoppas dovrebbe avere o almeno aver letto! 
E' in inglese ma fidatevi che vale tutto lo sbatti della traduzione!

Qui sotto alcuni spezzoni tratti dal libro THE GOSPEL OF HIP HOP.

 I am hipho! i am not just doing hiphop,I am hip hop! I am the watchman in the tower of hip hop's inner city urging my people to turn from sickness,hatreed,ignorance and poverty,and be restored to health,love,awareness and wealth.

i am a true witness to the divinity and cultural history of hiphop.Hiphop is my family; i am like the people i teach,i am like the people i am among,and i am not ashamed or afraid of my family-i am hiphop!

How quick did we forget our own strategies to our oen success.We ate the friut but never replanted the seed.

This is how many today treat God and HipHop.They seek the hand and not the face.They seek the luxury but not the culture,the food but not the appetite,the house but not the home,the medicine but not the health,the bed but not the rest.They would rather use God/HipHop than live God/hiphop.

We are indeed happy that impoverished part of our family has eaten and has been clothed and sheltered;we pray for their continued security.But their ways are not our ways, and their results are not our results. They are indeed our family,but within our family structure we are the firstborns.We are the elder sisters and brothers-God expects more from us.We are hiphop's original cultural architects,its caretakers,itsteachers.
We are hip hop's janitors cleansing and restoring hip hop for the next generation of hiphoppas.Know this.With every generation hip hop gets dirty because of how it is used in the World by that generation. Hiphop is then cleansed and restored for each generation by its janitors who work within the Temple of HipHop.Therefore,if you love Hiphop and appreciate all that hiphop has done for you so far,regardless of your artistic expression,take up your broom and mop and beigin the clean up of your culture! If you are not the desperate part of our family prove it now by taking your hip hop life seriously;join in on the clean up!

For if HipHop was created explicitly for selfdestruction then self-destructionwould be fine and we would thrive upon such a condition. But HipHop was not created to self-destruct, it was created to self-create "hiphop,ya don'tstop!"

Hip Hop is the name of the Love that rescued us from oppression.HipHop is the term given to the inner force that inspires us to self-create.This gospel is a tribute to the Love that has saved us and brought us together under the title of HIP HOP. and this is the messagge.LOVE IS THE MESSAGGE!this is what we originally did our artistic elements for,we did it for the Love.

the question is,howoften do you remain silent in the face of injustice?how often do you ignore the cries of the poor,the abused,the sick and the homeless?Are you one of those people who hide behind the statement "i'am just doing my job" even though your job contributes to the suffering of others?

Actually,everyone is a role model really.Everyone is modeling a role that is influencing someone else in some way.Everyone plays a role in the public;the question is,what role do you play?do you play the role of a murderer?or a thief?or a ruthless drug-dealer?or do you play the role of a prophet?or a minister?or a loving parent?What role do you willingly and voluntarily play?

For when you are hip hop you feel hip hop

"Real" relates to fixed or immovable things like land.When HipHop is real to you,whenit is fixed and immovable from your being;YOU ARE PRACTICING REAL HIP HOP.

however,other Hiohoppas have not mastered any of HipHop's artistic elements,but the passion and loyalty that they have brought to hiphop, their very contributions to understanding of hip hop in many ways are more substantial than even the contributions of those who have mastered hip hop's artistic elements.For it is one's love for hip hop that truly makes one a hip hop scholar and citizien.And your love is proven within your commitment,your works and your sacrifices.

Real Hiphoppas come to hip hop with no other interests but to authentically manifest it.This is real hip hop.

Living hiphop is far more involved than performing hip hop.

as acronym/affirmation,H.I.P.H.O.P. can be interpreted as Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People.

Those that live the principles of our culture are called Hiphoppas and not Hip Hoppers because to live Hip Hop is to think Hip Hop.A Hipohoppa is the manifestation of Hiphop. Tecnically, a Hiphoppa is Hiphop and performs or presents Hip Hop, which is then sold as hip-hop.Or,you can say Hiphop(spirit)creates the Hiphoppa (mind),which creates Hip Hop (body), which creates hip-hop (product).

In our culture it is the accumulation of knowledge that reigns supreme, not the accumulation of money,property,weapons,tools,food or clothing;these are the effects of knowledge. And as useful as these things are, they are still not valued above wisdom, knowledge and overstanding.

Sometimes to leave the ignorant to themselves is to equally oppress them as if you kept them in chains and in prison.Allowing the ignorant to remain ignorant actually destroys the ignorant and the community the ignorant rely upon.

To fully comprehend Hip Hop's elements artistically one must again an overstanding of Hip Hop culturally,even legally.

Someone who understands has a comprehension of taught information (acquired knowledge). Such is the objective approach to Hiphop and Hip Hop. Someone who overstands actually experience the informations that has been taught and comprehended (acquired wisdom). Such is the subjective approach to Hiphop and Hip Hop.

Rap fans are told about the fathers and mothers,Godfathers and Godmathers,Pioneers,Teachas and history of Hip Hop for the sake of building Hip Hop's political common Spirit and cultural continuity in the world. Such knowledge promotes respect for those Hip Hop pioneers that have contribuited to Hip Hop's physical manifestation and cultural continuity in the world.

Knowledge also causes peace in the sense that being able to accurately and impressively explain what you do as well as who you are produces a sense of inner-security about yourself. Being impressed with yourself, that you are self,causes peace.Being satisfied with your self causes Peace.

No, Hip Hop cannot actually be destroyed, but it can be distorted and made to serve interests it was not initially intended for.

Be not envious of the blessing and skills that God has given to others,ignoring the blessings and skills that God has given to you.

Know this. A talented emcee almost always becomes a respected rapper.But a talented rapper usually never becomes a respected emcee.The emcee expresses through rhyme what is already on your mind,whereas the rapper tells you all about his or her self.

Hippopas learband transfer knoeledge through laughter and having fun.

and so, it is not the words in their minds that need to be changed, it is the pictures that certain words create in their minds that need to be uodated.therefore,if the use of certain words creates certain graphic images and symbols in their minds we must consider altering our language when communicating with them.

Hip Hop itself is not a violent music genre that degrades women and promotes illegal activity!these events are the products and effects of corporate marketing in an entertainment arena.

Hiphoppas know that as men,the direspecting of women is unnatural to our being. Hip Hop ia an urban behavior that has salved millions of urban people from the collapse of America's social institutions and and the corruotion prevalent throughout America's corporate communities.

The problem is not Rap lyrocs, the problems is that your child likes them and in influenced by them and "you"have no control over such foreign influences.

Every responsable "emcee" or dj recognizes this and his influence upon his audience.

The true hiphoppa must act out (or perform) spiritual righteousness in order to experience the peace and power of the spiritual realm,and this requires strenght. For without spiritual strenght (endurance) no spiritual virtues or principles can be achieved.

For it is never one's talent that ensures one' longevity.Even with great talent and/or inheritance it is one's personal character that truly ensures one's professional success and longevity.

you should gradually withdraw from consumption of all processed and junk foods,meats and meat products. even before you inish these overstanding you should gradually begin to accustum your mind and body toward a healthier diet.

Humble yourself and truly contemplate the pain you have caused others.

Attuned Hiphoppas live life as a great performance.When we are at work we are performing. When we are with family we are performing.Every day and at every moment of the day we are performing.

Act like your God would act. Speak like your God would speak. Lov like your God would love. God is not a name,it is a nature. Acknowledge the nature that has governed and guided your life.

For it doesn't matter what believe or don't believe, the real point is how do your views and values make you a better person, more tolerant and understanding of people? How do your views, values and beliefs benifit those around you? Hpw are you making things better?

More than being a good speaker, be a good listener. Develop the ability (through practice) ti truly listen and comprehend the subjects,topics,concerns and causes of others without judgment or prejudice.

Look for the lesson even if one does not appear to exist. Expand your comprehension. Do not just study knowledge; create knoewledge out of the experiences of your own life. Add to the things that you already know. Do not just study to know, bring your knowing to your study. Study what you need to know.


Show love, not hate. Teach, do not judge. Show your spiritual strength through understanding and patience, not through emotion and /or criticism

everyone grows at their own pace

Perform charity often and do not concern yourself with whether your giving shall be returned to you. Give for the sake of giving.Give of your talent as freely as God has given it to you.
love all who deserve your love,and hate no one.

If you remain calm in the midst of such temporary fits of rage, ignorance, immaturity or sadness, eventually you will see those angered,ignorant,immature, depressed people return to their true state of peace, awareness and normalcy.

Despite the emphasis others may place upon doing this things strictly for payment, in whatever you do,perform it with love. If you hate or dislike what you do,stop doing it!

Although forgotten, Hip Hop was created out of Love. Early Hiphoppas performed their elements out of Love. With or without payment,early Hiphoppas loved Hip Hop.With all tasks and people show Love.

The ablest men in all walks of life are man of faith.Most of them have much more faith than they themselves realize. Bruce barton

at all times perform overstanding.Seek to know through experience your own views as well as the views of others.

Applied wisdom is overstanding. A Hiphoppa's wisdom is manifested in that Hiphoppa's life. It proves that he truly overstands. More than just talking about what they have experienced,you can see the results of a Hiphoppa's wisdom is by the effects in and of that Hiphoppa's life.

Wisdom and knowledge are two different things.

the experience gathered from books is of the nature of learning;the experience gained from actual life is of the nature of wisdom; and a small store of the latter is worth vastly more than any stock of the former. Samule Smiles

Seek to be an expert at all that you do. Do nothing haphazardly.When performing your skill you must be conscious o f how skillful you are.

Without maturity, self-respect and the ability to sacrifice for others,it is difficult to be a responsable person.This why many young Rap fans start off irresponsable.They simply lack the ability to respond to issues beyond my clothes,my rent,my car,my thirst,and so on. They cannot see past their own individual wants and needs.Self-sacrifice is the essence of responsability.

For every cause or act there is an effect or response.Be aware of what you cause to exist through your thinking and your actions. We are the offspirng of our own actions.We actually create ourselves through action which is motivated by purpose.

You receive what you believe, and you achieve what you perceive! You get what you expect and respect! You can only attract that with you really are.

The truth is, every culture teaches other cultures.

Therefore, let us perform Hip Hop an a higher level. Let us as Hiphoppas strive to be better than we were yesterday. Everyday let's seek ways to be responsabible toward one another and collectively mature with our handling of Hip Hop. We may star out criminal minded but indeed we shall all end up spiritual minded.

Hiphop is all about producing health, love, awareness, and wealth for Hiphoppas. But remember, the gifts of the spirit are reserved for those who live in spirit.

Perfect your Health!Perfect your Love! Perfect your Awareness!Perfect your Wealth But do it gradually.

A healthy Hiphoppa has a positive attitude about life itself and is at peace with the state of his physical body as well as his mind.

If you know that certain foods,drugs and even rest periods are responsible for the recovery of your health when are you sick,then why not make these certain foods,drugs and rest periods a regular habit in your daily life before you get sick?

Do not squander the riches of your good health on lust,drugs,overeating,partying,anger,worry and/or depression. Respect your self! do not neglect your self! Every day that you are healthy ia a day to rejoice!Every healthy moment that you experience is an opportunity to achieve your life purpose.Cherish and make wise use of your healthy days.

Even if you are sick today do not allow such sickness to overcome your ability to cure yourself.All sickness is curable.

remember,love and forgiveness replenish while hate and resentment deplete.

This includes smoking. Prove to yourself that you can stop. Stop now! Be a friend of to yourself; Not an enemy. Establish your freedom and independence today!

When Hiphoppas express Love we are transferring the essence of our being toward the person,place,thing,or event we are in love with. To be in Love means that you have made a conscious decision to share or transfer the essence of your being to whomever or whatever yu are Love with.

The attuned Hiphoppa express love because sucha principle is the essence of life itself, not because an individual deserves it

The point is that your perception of your environment is created by by the amount of awareness (or knowledge)that you have. Your reality is based upon your knowledge.

To know that you are not in the universe,but that you are the universe itself,is self-awareness.

Do you see and experience Hip Hop as international culture of peace and prosperity? Do you even think something like this is possible? Is such a vision truly the intention of your heart,or are you really,truly,deep down inside, just looking to make a little more money and maybe a better quality of life for yourself and your family?

he aware (or attuned) Hiphoppa is conscious of the fact that she/he was born into an already underway movement toward peace and justice in the World;that we owe our activist ancestors the respect of continuing their dreams within our own.

you are an adresse in the universe

This is what it means to be a conscious Hiphoppa or an attuned Hiphoppa . It Means that you have created yourself! you are not a product of someone else's purpose.

Self-management is spiritual,Self-organization is intellectual, Self-esteem is emotional, and sel-governance is political. Before you can truly learn something you must first learn your Self and then manage and cultivate who you have discovered.

However,we must also remember that it is this balance between knowledge and ignorance or knowing and not knowing that forms the totality of what we perceive of ourselves and our enviroment.

However, the Temple of Hip Hop further advises its member to seek ways to live with little or no money at all. Different from living in poverty;live a simple life.Learn to live according to your means.

Everything is perception, and perception is based upon knowledge.

So while we chase the temporary values of the mainstream,the mainstream exploits the everlasting values of our souls,and this causes our poverty. The true Hiphoppa values Hiphop!True Hiphoppas reject the riability and authority of mainstream commercial resources and values as valuable. For they are truly worthless when compared to the everlasting and pricelss essence of Hip Hop itself.

The objectiveis not to get more money; it is to get more skill!

Remember, the universe is exact. There are no mistakes. You are hearing this word now because it is time for you to hear this word now. You are the light of your world. You are being called to help others because you have the power to help others
You have a tremendous responsability to promote health, love, awareness and wealth to your people with your Hip Hop existence and activity in the World

You have a tremendous responsability to promote health, love, awareness and wealth to your people with your Hip Hop existence and activity in the World

This is how hip-hop is used today;it is used as a tool of commerce,not as a means toward better human relations

Integrity,peace,love,unity,happiness,charity,respect for life,respect for one's environment,artistic,intellectual,spiritual and political refinement, etc., are indeed advanced human interactions amongst human beings that the Temple of Hip Hop seeks to promote and preserve.Such a promotion and preservation of civilized human behavior begins with us.As Hiphoppas,we must be civilized if we expect others to be.And those who live the Hiphop lifestyle are indeed civilization builders.

But when technology fails, the true Hiphoppa can still express Hip Hop because Hip Hop does not
need technology to exist;it is a human skill.

True Hip Hop was born out of the Great Spirit and remains a mental and physical human activity.

For there is no need to fight those who have contradicted their own foundations (their principles);they shall fall by their own hands! However,we Hiphoppas are a principled nation which produces principled people.

We are Hip Hop! and we are right to believe in ourselves! here,Hiphop is the the unique activity of our collective consciouness. Hip Hop is our collective faith in action. Hiphop is what we are being and Hip Hop is what we are doing! When we appear Hip Hop appears; and when we are gone Hiphop is gone.

You can be a very talented Graffiti writer, Emcee, Deejay, etc,but if your personal living habits and views on life are not in alignment with the Truth o f your being;you cannot expect to achieve any real fulfillment doing whatever you do in life, even if you do it well.

This is also the essence of a disciplined Hiphop life;Self-creation,self-control and self-direction.

Most people will say that they are looking for peace and prosperity but actuality they are looking for the cravings and temptations of theiir own mind and body.If you are serious about peace you must look for it with your eyes,ears and other physical senses.

To know the naturally repeated patterns of Hip Hop not only causes peace and security for the knower, but knowing Hip Hop's repeaed patterns puts the knower in direct relation with the essence of Hip Hop's existence and movement in the World.Without such knowledge it is almost impossible to corretly guide the Hip Hop community or one's self within it

Technically, there is nothing to perceive (or sense)because nothing is separate from one's self.In fact,there is no self separate from the conscious universe.There is no you and them,yours and theirs,this and that,so there is nothing to "sense" or perceive or try to understand.Here,you can only be!There is nothing you do not know,nothing you do not have,and nowhere that you are not.

Therefore, the teacha does not fight ignorance to destroy it. The teacha feeds ignorance Light (awaraness) and defeats ignorance by further creating (transforming) and/or redirecting it.

Mastery of spiritual knowledge is found not in what one knows or in what one teaches,it is found not in what one knows or in what one teaches,it is found in what one doeas and in how one lives.

Only you can take care of you.Stop asking others to do what you can do.

The formula for positive change is quite clear - progression in life begins first without fear.

Hip Hop Kulture doesn't recognize haters.

everything emanates from our cosmic mothers - existing as one; all sisters,all brothers.

with whatever you learn in your temple or collegge - the way of Hip Hop is to do your knowledge

The true Hiphoppa is a blessing to any lawyer - because the true Hiphoppa pomotes Law and also Order.

Self-creation is what it's all about.Believe in self,not fear and doubt.

Hiphoppas rise in health and wealth - when Hiphopas mature to a knowledge of Self.

If you have it to give, it is important that you give it. If you know the Truth,it is important that you live it.

Look for the good and the good shall appear. Look for and the bad is right here.

everyday is a birthday party - when you wake up from sleeping and you love somebody.

Destruction begins when you doubt yourself - doubt your health,and doubt you wealth.

Do true Hip Hop so that all can see it - but longevity begins when you can also be it.

Driving in traffic gives you the opportunity - to practice courtesy,compassion and unity.

few are emceein while many do rap.Many are talking, but only a few act.

Respect the real rap from before you were born - Hip Hop's culture is from all of those songs.

You see HipHop in that, and you see HipHop in this-now see HipHop as your creative consciousness.

The Gospel of Hip Hop exists to protect. It speaks to a life beyond cash and checks.

The clearest critique of a person is through loving - the distorted critique of a person is through judging.

Whether it be a productive or niggative situation - all is caused by a person's immagination

The choice is yours to live shorter or longer - this chice is made between alcohol and water.

When the work is done, you are the One - "the peace," "the love," "the unity" all having fun.

The things you believe you also give power - so believe in yourself,every minute and every hour.

Heal yourself,find yourself,know yourself,correct yourself - see yourself, love yourself, be yourself, respect yourself.

The HipHop teacha cares little for labels. It's all about skills when life turns her tables.

The HipHop teacha can teach the right lessons - if the receiver of knowledge will ask the right questins.

Hiphop is the name of our creative force in the world.It is our lifestyle and collective consciouness.
Hip hop is the name of our culture and artistic elements.
hip-hop is rap music product and its mainstream activities.
With this original cultural learning system we reveal the more real nature of hip hop beyond the avarage mainstream understanding of hip-hop.Here,we introduce a hip hop spiritual codee of conduct capable of producing enhanced states of health,love,awareness and wealth for those engaged in the mastery of hip hop's real elements.This the gospel,and this is what really works for hiphoppas.....
......Hiphop is not a physical thing or things; it is a metaphysical principle, a shared urban idea,an alternative human behavior, a way to view the world,a collective consciouness.We are far more than just the world's entertainament.
For us, Hip hop ia a mass event that was captured on record, video,dvd,clothing.etc. for the purpose of selling its elements to relieve the poverty.
It is hiphop that inspires hip hop's elements to exist,but it is only hip hop's performed elements that appear in the physical world. hiphop itself never enters the physical world.We imitate the inspiration of hiphop through its elements (hip hop) but again,hiphop(the collective consciouness)never enters the physical World;it remains a shared idea of our collective consciouness.Study this paragraph again carefully.......
.......When we say I AM HIPHOP,the hiphop idea enters the physical world as hip hop which is then captured on cd,etc.,and sold as hip-hop.By becoming hiphop,by allowing the hiphop idea to dominate our being,hip hop enters the physical world through our physical bodies and artistic expressions.This expression(and for some,their physical bodies)is then captured in some way and sold as hip-hop.
Before hip hop can even recorded and/or documented,it must first be brought into the physical world through people who have voluntarily surrendered to its force and essence.Everything else is a recording,an imitation or a documentation of the real effects of the original hip hop creative force (hiphop).....
......To preserve hip hop we must hip hop's percetual abilities.We must preserve the actual living thinking hiphoppa with a knowledge of hip hop beyond entertainement.
From our prospective,the preserving of hip hop has more to do with the preservation of its people than with the preserving of its products.It has to do with the preserving of certains customs,traditions,abilities and techniques unique to the hip hop experience.Such a style of cultural preservation is about preserving the essentials causes that bring hip hop into physical existence. This is the essence of our hip hop preservation movement.

Know this: The overstanding before you is an elementary introduction to the study of Graffiti Art as color and light and how these frequencies affect the psychology of Hiphoppas living in urban areas.

Traditionally, the word Graffiti originated from the itain term graffito meaning a scratch. According to the American language, Graffiti is defined as a "writing" or "drawing" that is "scribbled," "scratched" or "sprayed" onto a surface.

Although many people still associate Graffiti Art with vandalism, the educated have always overstood this to be incorrect. It is the taggin' and bpmbin' of private property that is recognized as vandalism; not Graffiti Art itself!

Graffiti was a term given to Hip Hop's graphic art animation wjen it appeared legally and illegally on public and private properties as tags, a form of street calligraphy which presents the identity of one's name or neighborhood in a stylezed way. Similar to the way Emceein was labeled rap and Breakin was labeled break dancing; the terms writin',bombin',piecin',burnin' and taggin' all have been categorized and labeled graffitti.

The ability to immagine and interpret one's self thrpugh art assists in the development of a healthy creative intelligence.

For Hiphoppas, Graffiti Art is the highest form of calligraphy. It is our true handeriting. It is our first written communication code.It tells us and the World who we are and where we've been.

the Graffiti artist who is concerned with expressing Hip Hop's point of view to the World seeks to tell out cultural story and/or convey our Hip Hop political messagge throught art.Beyond being just artist,we are art activists.

As artist we do not exclusively create art for art's sake. Our political condition does not give us the leisure to just create art that has no other purpose than to be gazed upon.

The question for every Graffiti artist is, What is the meaning of my art? what am i trying to say?Other artists refrain from giving their art any meaning or purpose at all.

Hiphoppas think a lot more colorfully than the city allows. The urban life is one of constant conformity for the Hiphoppa and we seek to liberate ourselves through Graffiti Art.Graffiti Art offers the Hiphoppa Chromatic Freedom!

Be clear as to why you have become a Hip Hop apprentice. The focus of any Hip Hop teacha is to make the Hip Hop lifestyle real and productive for the apprentice. Such an apprenticeship has little to do with one's own desire to be an emcee,Dj,or b-boy.The purpose of any true Hip Hop apprenticeship is to transmit to the apprentice the essential ingredients of Hip Hop's evolving culture.
Culture, not necessarily knowledge about the culture, is the ultimate aim of any worthwhile Hip Hop apprenticeship

Every true HipHoppa is responsable for HipHop and its culture - this includes Hip Hop's elements,history and leadership as well. We are all responsable for each other;including the conduct of our leadership. We (HipHoppas) must do everything in our power to keep our leadership honest and focused.If they fail,it is because we have failed.And if they succeed it is because we have succeeded;their own people have protected them and held them up.

On the other hand, those leaders/teachers who intentionally and repeatedly violate their own principles and/ pr betrays the movement for their own selfish gain are not true leaders/teachers at all, and they deserve no such immunty or respect. This is why it is of extreme importance that the teachas of HipHop Kulture show and prove their commitment and loyalty toward the preservation of Hip Hop long before criticisms come.We must perform our principles daily, not just read them and/or teach them to the others.We must act them out daily in our own lives and for the inspiration of others.And it is with this criterion that we shall judge the conduct of all leadership.

Here,your teacha makes you aware of your HipHop identity and then shows you how to properly use the character of your new HipHop identity to achieve your life purpose. Your teacha assists you in experiencing peace and prosperity through Hiphop. Your teacha raises your self-worth through Hiphop, Hip Hop and Hip-Hop.Is this important to yuo?

Know this.Everyone is a teacher.Through speech,personal character, clothing, achievements, validations, reputation and other socially defining symbols of status we are all teaching each other in a variety of ways. Some people are aware that they are inspiring and teaching others. However, most people go through life unconscious of their influences upon others. Every little thing that we do publicly influences, inspires and teaches in some way those who may be observing what we are doing.

True teachas place place the integrity and preservation of Hip Hop before their own personal career goals.

The drug wars of the 1980s broke all of the original street codes that protected and empowered Hip Hop's community leaders. It became every man/woman for themselves!Many were killed. The murder of Scott la Rock in August of 1987 was the first of its kind for the Hip Hop community. However,Scott La Rock would not be the last prominent Hip Hop artist that would be killed by the escalation of street violence caused by the introduction of crack/cocaine and guns into predominantly Black and Brown Neighborhoods.

Back in the days MCs needed to be heard, the dancers needed to be seen, the art needed to be seen, ya know what i'am sayin'? We gotta get back to the original cultural mentality of the whole art form. Once we get everybody culturally based then we can move. But right now we're not treating it like a culture;we're treating is as a commodity.And when you choose a commodity you gonna lose it. Mr.Wiggles

A true Hip Hop activist cannot be addicted to the power of money, nor can money ever be the reason a true Hip Hop activist is motiveted to move or act. Such an activist is moved by principles and virtues and lives a life as why would any activist who has truly studied the events of Hip Hop's culture still want to pursue a life basd upon the accumulation of money?Answer: Addiction. Not drugs or to sex, but to security. And not even in a bad or greedy way. But simply addiction to the security that money provides,believing that nothing can be done without a certain amount of money. Many see no other life. Other believe in no other power.

The Hip Hop activist lives a principled life, a simple life. Not a poor life, but a simple and easy-to-manage life grounded upon one's principles.

Today' s Hip Hop activist has no time to be distracted by the pressures, doubts and temptetions of her own mind before seeking to protest against unjust acts!

The true Hip Hop activist does not protest for the sake of revenge, or to look good, or to defeat the opponent. The true Hip Hop activist protests unjust situations because such situations are unhealthy for everyone. The point is to bring awareness to the opposing party and recognize when the opposing party is making amends or has simply outgrown old ways.

You can adopt a new thinking right now and change your enviroment by changing your thoughts.

Being down by law meant being accepted and admired by the invisible code of the streets. But it also carried within its meaning the character of being favored by unseen forces. If someone ever questioned the authority of a person who was down by law, that person who was down by law would say something like, What, you don't know who i am? I'm down by law! meaning, i'am part of this scene, I know people around here, I hold respect on these streets, I'm down by law!

A true King has no self interests other than those of His people.

However, in our time many people do not think of Hip Hop in this way. They do not truly live a HipHop lifestyle so they feel no responsability toward Hip Hop's political image and reputation in the World. They may say with their mouths we rapresent Hip Hop but in actually they are rapresenting only themselves and their individual interests. We can see in the way that they approach Hip Hop that they do not have Hip Hop's best interests in mind. And this in not about criticizing today's mainstream rappers or radio DJs. Those who truly care for Hip Hop do so by caring for other Hiphoppas. Those who truly represent Hip Hop represent the interests of Hiphoppa.. ..In light of these Truth, true Hiphoppas remain sensitive to the content of the messagge they express to society and how society is affected by those messagges. True Hiphoppas are also aware of the messagge society is expressing to HipHop Kulture.True Hiphoppas care for Hip Hop by being aware of theire own conduct as Hiphoppas.

Hip Hop's laws are Hip Hop cultural rituals and traditions.

When I realized that I was not just doing Hip Hop but that I was Hip Hop itself, I also realized the reality that came along with such realization. I began to perceive my physical World through a heightened sense of purspose and duty. I no longer wanted to "use" hip-hop, I now wanted to care for and nurture Hip Hop. I wanted to protect Hip Hop's reputation as if it were my own. I literally united with the idea of Hip Hop and gained an insight, a power, a new understanding as to how I could actually live my life, and it is WONDERFUL!

The origin of something is its origination, its cause, where it came from, how it came from into existence. Different from history, the origin of something deals with the nature and being of a thing; it explores the actuals conditions that help to bring a thing into existence.

We can read all day about the history of Hip Hop, but if we don't know why things are the way that they are and how they got to be that way, our historical view of Hip Hop will always be the interpretations of those who sought only to exploit hip-hop and not be or learn Hip Hop.

Here we can see that the true Hip Hop scholarship begins not with a study of the "music", but with a study of the "times"-the cause of the music.

Hip Hop remains independent of all ethnicities and cultural traditions because it is a creation of all of them; it is actually all of them and at the same time none of them.

Black, White and Latino adults as well as youth criticized early Hiphoppas as enanging in something that was not going to last. The question was, Why are you putting so much time and energy into this bullshit? And the unanimous answer across the board was, this is an expression of who i am!

Freedom doesn't mean that you that you ask others through treaties and constitutional amendments not to war with you; freedom means that they cannot war with you even if they want to.

When practiced correctly, Hip Hop actually cures the slave mentality and the effects of slavery politically. True freedom seems to not only be about breaking the chians from one's hands, feet and mind, true freedom seems to also be spiritual; it seems to be about self-creation and self-governance.

If we can teach our children to identify human beings by the content of their character and not by race or ethnic origin, we may one day look upon racism.

It is not that they enslaved us; it is more the fact that we reduce ourselves to slaves by betraying our own principles as well as one another. True freedom seems to not only be abput breaking chains from one's hands, feet and mind, true freedom seems to also be spiritual; it seems to be about self-creation and self-governance.

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