2PHE by Smogone+characters by Keibi

Puppet by Smogone Ferrara nel posto.Vol. 5 2015

Obumu By Smogone and Sparrow Kampala Uganda 2015

Hip Hop By Smogone and Writers parte finale del workshop a Mbale Uganda 2014

Smog by Smogone Jam in tributo ai pionieri vol.4 2014
Puppet by Keibi Gem 2014 Dedicata a Meg R.I.P.
Meg by Smogone Gem 2014 Dedicata a Meg R.I.P.
Puppet By Smogone Gem 2014 Dedicata a Meg R.I.P.

Unità Freestyle by Smogone 2014 Hip Hop apprecciation week

Commissione per Scuola Dell'infanzia di Pove Keibi + Smogone + Zero1 2014

Character by Smogone 2013
Smo + puppet By Smogone (2phe crew) + eze (2013)

S by Smogone dettagli by Giulio Polloniato 2013

Keibi 2013

Ores 2013
S + Puppets by Smogone + Ores 2013
Rebel By H.C. Rebel 2013

Smogone Notte di note (2013)

For HipHop Appreciation Week (each one teach one each one reach one + puppet) by smogone (we appreciate) By Ores1 2013

Buda By Smogone + Character By Zero1 & Smogone + Que es Hip Hop By Zero1 2013

Smog + Characters By Smogone 2013

Smogone (cammino di pace) 2013

Pace + Characters By Smogone  2013

S By Smogone NYC 2012

Smogone + keibi + link + secse +smogone + isnts + hanse+ hot + link (jam tributo ai pionieri 2012)

Puppets By Smogone + eros By Keibi + Puppet By Disas

Dade By Smogone 2012

Vetus La Rock The Funky Boy By Smogone 2012

Commissione per il comune di Valstagna by Keibi + Zero1 + Smogone 2012

Smog by Smogone 2012

Keibi + Smogone per le piscine di Marostica 2012

Mr.Ozio + s1 by Smogone 2012


kie + dove + iznt + isnt + ores + universal (by smogone) 2012
Universal By Smogone

All is One By Smogone (2phe Crew) + Characters By Ores one (2012)

Fight the Mafia by Smogone (2phe Crew) + Ores1 By Ores + Characters By Ores & Smogone 2012

Foto separate della murata

Characters By Keibi + Piece 2phe By Smogone Burn The Money Jam 2012

Dettagli Characters By Keibi

G.D.P.U. by Smogone painted in Uganda for the Writing workshop 2012
Smogone painted and explained to the guys in Uganda during the workshop

Lor  and Character By Lord + Smog By SmogOne 2012
Smog By SmogOne
WOTS by Smogone SLONE by Keibi, 2012
 SLONE and the Wizard by Keibi
Uomo Ozio and WOTS by Smogone
Details By SmogOne
ekc By SmogOne 2011

ekc By SmogOne 2011

Mr. Ozio + Buo-N-atale By SmogOne 2011

Tribute to the pioneers, 12novembre 2011

KEIBI by Keibi

1520 Sedwick Ave. by SmogOne


 "Boys need education, girls need pride", by Keibi (2PHE) + Loma, 2011.

 detail By Keibi
GDPU + Characters By SmogOne for Galaxy Dance Project Uganda

detail By SmogOne

 knowledge, HipHop is peace unity love and having fun, by Smogone and Keibi 2011

"Fight the rain!"
S by SmogOne, character by Keibi in collaborazione con Associazione Volontariato Korakanè, 2011.

Wall di risposta By SmogOne dopo essere stato crossato 2011
"YOU CAN CHANGE" Character By SmogOne (2phe) + Lorenz for HipHop appreciation week 2011

AC-undercity producta by Smogone, 2011
3C3P by Smogone, 2011
detail by Smogone

 "Fresh Lolitas" by Keibi, 2011
wall for Bouncingcats, Mr.Ozio + AC By SmogOne + Character By Keibi 2011

Bisha, Disas, Keibi (2phe), Zero1 (2phe), Smogone (2phe),
"I love you even if you hate me" 2011

Details Character By Keibi + Zer By Zero + Mr.Ozio and Smog By SmogOne

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