sabato 14 giugno 2014

La nostra esperienza in Uganda vista dall'Uganda

Dopo una lunga gestazione per varie attese vi proponiamo il punto di vista da parte dei ragazzi in Uganda, nell'attesa di farvi avere anche tutte le info sui risultati ottenuti con la raccolata fondi e non solo. Peace 2phe Crew

First and foremost i'm by the names Ssebaggala Alex Heskey CEO/Director Galaxy Dance Project Uganda (G.D.P.U),let me take this Opportunity and on behalf of Galaxy Dance Project Uganda members,kids and other people from different communities,we really take our thanks for our brothers Smogone, Alessandro, Vetus La Rock and the people who helped them to come and share their big experience of Hip Hop culture with our Organization and to the people here in Uganda through teaching Hip Hop knowledge, Dancing and doing a Graffiti workshop with the kids, members and the people from different communities here in Uganda.

In additional to that, it was really a great experience and a big inspiration for me and to the project i run, so much respect for all the (2HPE Members) because you were the first people outside Africa to come and share your experience, support, love and knowledge with us and this made me and other people to become strong, staying focused and thinking positively to the community and how live in their live.

Further more,the coming of 2HPE members made me to be known by very many breaking people in different breaking communities for example Mulago Dance Project and Breakdance Project Uganda and this also lead people to know our project G.D.P.U and what i realized is that since i joined the Hip Hop family i never found people like Andrea La Rock, Smogone and Alessandro there really great to hip hop family and they brought for us Hip Hop books and Graffiti Art Magazines for us to learn and share with others i need..books like the Gospel of Hip Hop, Foundation and Graffiti Kings..
Peace to you all

Alex Heskey


Despite of the fact that we came from different Nations, Races, Tribes and Cultures, we were all united by one intelligent language that has no boundaries, no limitation to reveal its true identity in full Unity, Love and Peace, therefore the oneness of true spirit of the individuals who come to our project to teach, support and share the experience with us shall always be remembered and greatly honored. Through different edutainment workshops that they conducted taught us more about the culture that we didn't know not forgetting the cyphers and the battles which basically united us as on big family. A family that wasn't judged by race, religion, skine tone or sex or reputation. A family that brought happiness, joy snd blessings, our brothers who kept on encouraging us to keep and maintain our true spirit, to always teach and except to be taught, a family where everyone was a teacher and the sametime a student.
I remember we had no music so we decided to clap our hands and create a beat for the bboy for the cyhper to (flow) groove on our old perparline that couldn't accommodation of all us t the sametime so went in bits (at times we got so em) even through the conditions under which we trained from were harsh and unpleasant, the hot sun, the dust and stony grounds, it didtn't stop you from coming back to our project. if only you stayed a little bit longer this would have given us opportunity to learn more from you and may be could also teach you more about our beautiful Ugandan culture, but we pray and hope that one day you will come back and see the seeds that you sowed how tremendously they have grown.
Hip Hop has greatly empowered us with knowledge, wisdom and skills that has helped us over come various problems that affect us and our communities for example: Drugs abuse, Child abuse , Domestic Violence illiteracy poverty and HIV/AIDS ect our project is particular has been able to unite different people (youths) from different communities that affected by the above mentioned problems we engage ourselves and other people indifferent sacred elements of Hip Hop,and this has help and support us take action and a stand to fight against these problems through total positiveness towards building and promoting the culture.
In addition to that Hip Hop has given a neutral platform to express our feelings, emotions and consciousness and we greatly believe that it will help us and our communities to transform into social responsible people and leaders. Therefor we acknowledge the power of promote Love Freedom, Respect, Unity, Peace,Work, Fun among the rest ourselves, our communities, our Nation and the world at large and we greatly honour our brothers from 2phe (Italy) for the great work, support, love and unity that they showed and did at our project. Peace and much blessings.


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